Dog Training Tips For Frisbee Fun And Activities

Dog Training Tips For Frisbee Fun And Activities

While frisbees and dogs are a common sight at local parks, these animals aren’t born with the ability to catch them. It’s easy enough for them to get ahold of small objects such as tennis balls, doggie toys, and doggie treats, but disc-shaped objects are a bit more difficult. This requires consistent training over time, and here are some tips to help.

Dog Training for Catching Frisbees

Even though these animals love playing with these discs, it’s easier for them to get them while not in motion. Before dealing with this type of object, make sure your pet is well-versed in catching more simple objects such as balls and toys. A simple way to do this is by getting in the habit of throwing them treats when you want to reward them. Additional time training in this can help as well.

Also, try not to use a frisbee meant for humans, which can actually be a bit more expensive anyway. These aren’t always safe for an animal that doesn’t know what they’re doing. With enough use and play, you probably won’t keep these animal toys for too long. Some are durable for dogs who like to chew, while others are soft and floppy. Find out what works for your pet.

Before throwing random discs in the air at your dog, start by rolling them in front of your furry friend like a wheel. This allows them to train in grabbing it at the right angle while keeping the trajectory as simple as possible. It would be best if you rewarded moments of progress with positive responses. This encourages them to train harder and enjoy the activity.

In Conclusion

As you can see, with some time and effort, you’ll be able to train your pet for some fantastic-looking feats that will impress your friends and neighbors. These days, you could even post pictures and videos on social media to amaze the rest of the world. The possibilities with this are almost limitless.

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