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The Best Dog Food, Raw, Or Cooked?

The Best Dog Food, Raw, Or Cooked?

Just read the ingredient list in your dog food bag to see how full of unnecessary ingredients it is. There are additives, fillings, and meat of questionable origin. With this in mind, should we consider switching to a raw pet diet? The raw food diet for dogs is highly controversial, with many ardent supporters and just as many critics. So what about the raw dog food diet?

Argument FOR

The belief that dogs should be fed a completely raw diet comes from studying the dog’s natural diet before taming it. Wild dogs naturally caught their prey and ate it raw. This is what the dogs were supposed to eat physically, so it’s definitely a good way to feed them as pets. This is always obvious when you feed your dog raw meat, they like it much more than pet food in the supermarket.

Many also believe that a raw food diet has a positive effect on the health of a dog. This is because most store-bought dog food contains additives, preservatives, or ingredients that your dog never intended to eat. It can damage your dog’s digestive system and lead to allergies. Another health problem that can be exacerbated by conventional dog food is excluding it. The wrong food can worsen vomiting, dandruff, and itchy skin in your pet.

Argument AGAINST

People who oppose the raw diet argue that domestic dogs may not digest raw food like wild animals. This is because they lack the necessary enzymes to break down raw foods. Raw meat also often contains bones, which, if swallowed, can enter the digestive tract and cause health problems.

In addition, a raw food diet is frowned upon by those who prefer crack, because raw foods such as bones can be harmful to the digestive tract.

After all, cooked food will always be better than store-bought dog food, even if it is cooked rather than served raw. Raw meat is definitely good for your dog if you remove the bones and don’t eat pork. If you don’t want to feed your dog raw meat, buy the highest quality dog food from the market.

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